Art, Culture & Society is a creative services agency that considers art and culture to be vital for a democratic society. We see socially engaged, interactive arts and culture as a way to promote action on local and European issues. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

As an NGO we initiate and cooperate in a wide range of European projects. We also help to develop projects, concepts and assist other organisations in realising ideas that are relevant to our values. Art can function as a tool for energising people and sparking debate and discussion on complex or abstract concepts. Therefore we want to connect people who are using art as a means of questioning the status quo.

Our mission is to:

– promote international and intercultural exchange and collaboration.

– promote culture as a necessary condition for the sustainable development of a democratic society

– activate citizens through various projects concerning art and public spaces

– promote how free art interacts with inclusive citizenship

– create and strengthen cultural connections between different groups

– support other organisations who wish to realise ideas with similar values to our own


Founder & Project manager: Mattias Desac