Balkan Initiative For Tolerance

Balkan initiative for tolerance

NGO BIT was founded in 2010, with the main aim to promote active participation in the Balkans by encouraging dialogue, tolerance, and creativity. In order to achieve its goals, BIT employs non formal education and lifelong learning methods. We organize different activities to promote our objectives – seminars, trainings, youth camps, youth exchanges, and public events to promote relevant social issues and rights of marginalized groups. We also do projects on political participation, such as election monitoring and organization of round tables on political participation of Serbs in Kosovo.

Our main target group are youth workers and social activists, working mostly in the area of social inclusion and with vulnerable/marginalized groups. We work with new technologies and multimedia, in order to give voice to those who are often left on margins.


Dear Hunter

Dear hunter

Dear Hunter is a research practice on architecture and urbanism based in Liège (Belgium) and Maastricht (The Netherlands), founded in 2014. One of the main activities is ‘mapping': creating alternative maps of how area’s are being perceived and experienced or how certain target groups regard and use an area, in order to implement this knowledge in planning processes and development of (urban) space.


Impact vzw

Impact vzw

IMPACT vzw is a small NGO and is working on social innovation issues. IMPACT vzw focuses on innovative solutions for new societal challenges for example: energysaving matters, co2 free economy, social ecology, smart neighbourhoods, tactical urbanism & city accupuncture. We translate these challenges in models for job creation for young (low skilled) people.




Mosaica is non-profit youth organization founded in 2009 and run by people who don’t wear ties, don’t watch television and don’t support ignorance.We are young and active, professional and passionate. We belong to Ukraine but we travel extensively. We are all different but united by the same goal: to defend human rights, support freedom of expression, make the learning process fun and enjoyable and give equal opportunities to everyone.

Our mission is
1. To provide non-formal education and livelihood training to youth
2. To build the capacity of the local staff in order to nurture and develop future leaders in the community.




Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit and politically non-affiliated society constituted as a Public Youth Organization that has its goal the public benefit. The Oberliht group is represented partially by the most talented young artists who regularly take part in national and international group and personal exhibitions, recording diplomas and prizes for their works.

Through its projects Oberliht Association has promoted a big number of artists from Moldova and abroad, reconfirming its status of a professional organization. When being granted financial support, its members were able to competently administrate it by organizing complex projects and events. Oberliht Association promotes both creative and theoretical thinking through exhibitions and projects on one hand and conferences, round tables, symposiums and workshops on the other hand.




P-public, based in Chania, Crete, is a non-for-profit youth organisation working in the field of participatory urban design and public art. Our team consists of approximately thirty members, most of them architects and urban designers.

We aim to activate and rehabilitate abandoned and underused public spaces. Our goal is to engage citizens in appropriating public space according to their needs and wishes. We work in close collaboration with communities in order to co-shape new narratives and perspectives about public space.


Urban Forms

Urban forms

Urban Forms Foundation (UFF) is an independent, private, non-governmental organization created to deal with broadly understood urban art – urban art is defined here as a kind of creative activity performed in relation to the city life and undertaken by artists who live in cities or just like urban life. The Foundation was established in 2008. The most recognizable project of the Foundation is the Urban Forms Gallery. The Foundation raises funds for the projects from sponsors, subsidies, grants and business activity.

People from all over the world come to the city to see the murals of Lodz and it makes substantial impact on the city economics. In the nearest future the Urban Forms Foundation would like to create Research Centre for Art in the Public Space in the cooperation with City of Lodz Office, University of Lodz and University of Technology. Also the Foundation aims to create urban art festival, which involves various activities inspired by the city.